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Popitz Sleep is proud to bring the vision of its founder Michael Popitz, MD, to the market. Every decision is guided and inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the best sleep and best oxygenation to all people.  

Dr. Michael Popitz has pursued innovations in sleep and breathing throughout his illustrious career as an anesthesiologist.  He developed a surgical pillow in 1990 to place patients in the proper sniffing position for intubation during surgical procedures and focused most of his research interests upon the human upper airway. 

Following the patented sniffing position surgical pillow, Dr. Popitz has continues his quest to develop pillows that capitalize on the benefits of the sniffing position for everyday use to improve breathing and sleep.  He has patented many designs and believes he has now developed comfortable and beneficial pillows that can solve sleeping and breathing problems for countless people.

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